"Get. Off. Me."


headcanon for female turians:

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Mass Effect demade into a Playstation game

Anonymous asked: Rumor is you've banged a volus.

"If I had, you’d be hearing rumors of a popped volus first."

anonymously leave a rumor about my character in my inbox

[ …the Idris Elba tag got lit up with pictures of apparently his massive wang?????? ]

!! Mass Effect Roleplayers!! ( And Non! )



OUTOFCHARACTER; Could you please reblog this if you are willing to roleplay with a Mass Effect original character that is not a Shepard, but a recruitable Shepard squad member? I’m afraid to follow ppl at the moment. ;; I’m used to hate and I’m not sure if my OC oversteps some boundaries set by other roleplayers and I would prefer not to be yelled at today!! Thanks!!

Anonymous asked: dude, some group of salarians are planing to jump you.

"…And? Let them come. I can handle myself."

My muse just did something stupid that almost got them killed. Yell at them.


Or, inversely, send me a & and my muse will react to yours doing something stupid that almost got them killed.